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GeoTk 4.0-M1 (July 2013)

This page contains binary, javadoc and source code archive bundles of (abridged geotk) version 4.0-M1, released in July 2013.

As documented in the "Downloading GeoTk binaries" page, this download area provides a manual alternative to the automated downloading provided by the Maven repository. Maven provides fine-grain control, allowing users to fetch binary and source code on a module-by-module basis. Here, this download area provides various bundles, grouping many or all modules into a single file, as a convenience for those who do not wish to use Maven.   (7.4 Mb)   Aggregated javadoc of all public classes in every module.   (7.3 Mb)   The source code for all modules.   (69 Mb)   Pending modules and their dependencies (uncommitted).


Release Notes

The Geotk (non-pending) part of this release is a milestone toward migration to Apache SIS. In this release, most classes deprecated in 4.0-M0 have been removed. Those classes are replaced by their SIS counterpart.

For a list of all public API changes (mostly removal) compared to the previous release, see the changes page.