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This directories contains binary, javadoc and source code archive bundles of (abridged geotk) for each release.

As documented in the Downloading Geotk binaries page, this download area provides a manual alternative to the automated downloading provided by the Maven repository. Maven provides fine-grain control, allowing users to fetch binary and source code on a module-by-module basis. Here, this download area provides various bundles, grouping many or all modules into a single file, as a convenience for those who do not wish to use Maven.

The bundles are expandable into a single JAR file using the unpack200 tool.

File Content Alternative
geotk-bundle.pack.gz Most (but not all) modules and dependencies. Maven repository (*.jar)
geotk-bundle-storage.pack.gz Subset of geotk-bundle.pack.gz for work with JavaDB.  
geotk-bundle-netcdf.pack.gz Subset of geotk-bundle-storage.pack.gz for work with NetCDF files. Maven repository (*.jar)
geotk-bundle-coverage.pack.gz Subset of geotk-bundle-netcdf.pack.gz for work with Grid Coverages. Maven repository (*.jar)
geotk-bundle-referencing.pack.gz Subset of geotk-bundle-coverage.pack.gz for geo-referencing work. Maven repository (*.jar)
For more information on the bundles, see the Downloading binaries page. Aggregated javadoc of all public classes in every module. Online javadoc The source code for all modules. Maven repository (*-sources.jar)
changes.html Changes since previous versions. Git diff

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[DIR]3.00/ 01-Sep-2009 17:58 -  
[DIR]3.01/ 01-Sep-2009 17:57 -  
[DIR]3.02/ 01-Sep-2009 17:58 -  
[DIR]3.03/ 05-Oct-2009 12:13 -  
[DIR]3.04/ 02-Nov-2009 11:49 -  
[DIR]3.05/ 01-Dec-2009 10:58 -  
[DIR]3.06/ 07-Jan-2010 00:48 -  
[DIR]3.07/ 01-Feb-2010 12:27 -  
[DIR]3.08/ 01-Mar-2010 12:26 -  
[DIR]3.09/ 06-Apr-2010 11:12 -  
[DIR]3.10/ 03-May-2010 12:30 -  
[DIR]3.11/ 01-Jun-2010 13:34 -  
[DIR]3.12/ 06-Jul-2010 16:02 -  
[DIR]3.13/ 05-Aug-2010 13:03 -  
[DIR]3.14/ 04-Oct-2010 17:16 -  
[DIR]3.15/ 17-Dec-2010 18:00 -  
[DIR]3.16/ 11-Mar-2011 21:51 -  
[DIR]3.17/ 09-Jun-2011 11:37 -  
[DIR]3.18/ 30-Oct-2013 23:24 -  
[DIR]3.19/ 27-Oct-2012 08:09 -  
[DIR]3.20/ 27-Feb-2013 00:16 -  
[DIR]3.21/ 10-Jul-2013 00:27 -  
[DIR]4.0-M0/ 25-Jul-2013 19:38 -  
[DIR]4.0-M1/ 15-Sep-2014 16:01 -  
[DIR]packs/ 25-Jul-2013 18:33 -  

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